Garden Peach Tomato


Garden Peach Tomato Seeds

Garden Peach Tomato Seeds Everwilde Farms

Spread 18 - 24 "

Average Fruit Size- 2 - 3 oz.


Hardiness zones 3 - 14

Determinate - will bear most of their fruits at one time

Yield - Average

Garden Peach Tomatoes were originally grown in South America - [Peru, Columbia and Ecuador] where they are known as Coconas. It's a relatively small globe shaped, bright yellow peach toned fruit. When ripe it has a pinkish tinge which enhances the tomatoes peach coloring. It is also produces a fuzz - quite similar to peach fuzz and has a slightly fruity flavor.

If I didn't know better I would say it's a cross between a peach and a Tomato - but of course that's impossible.

It's composition also differs somewhat from standard tomatoes. It is rich in iron, vitamin C and vitamin b5. Some studies seem to indicate that the juice of the Garden Peach tomato aka Cocona fights skin diseases and reduces cholesterol, glucose and uric acid levels in the blood . [1]

Does exceptionally well in containers.

Maturity at 70 - 80 days from transplant.

Germination from seed 6 - 10 days.

Average Plant Height - 3-4 ft

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