Goliath Hybrid Tomato

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Not to be confused with Bush Goliath, a determinate, or several other cultivars that also use the word Goliath in their name.

The Goliath Hybrid is an indeterminate that produces abundant quantities of 10 to 16 Oz. classic style beefsteak tomatoes. They are firm and sweet, good for slicing and salads but even better for canning and preserves.

They are bred for resistance to many common tomato plant diseases such as verticillim, fusarium, some mosaic viruses. The seeds of this hybrid are frequently sterile - not the ones you purchase- they have a healthy germination rate, but the seeds that are produced from the tomatoes you grow. Seeds that do germinate tend to produce plants not true to variety.

Under optimal conditions in the best climates, harvests in excess of 70 tomatoes per plant have been recorded. Under normal conditions in a backyard garden you should anticipate in the vicinity of 30 - 40 tomatoes on a good plant. They are vigorous plants so cages or supports are advisable.

Start seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before planting outdoors.

Germination 7 - 14 Days

65 - 75 days to Maturity

Full Sun


Fruit Weight 10 to 16 oz

Plant Height - 6 to 8 Ft

Spacing 2-3 Feet

Soil ph: 6.0 -6.8

Yield - Exceptional

Goliath Tomato

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