Tomato Planting Tips

Put These in Your Tomato Planting Hole For Awesome Tomatoes

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Growing tomatoes is simple, growing awesome tomatoes is an Art. I prefer awesome tomatoes, the biggest, juiciest tastiest tomatoes that money can't buy - only devotion and a little sweat can.

When you place your seedlings in the ground there are a number of things you can do to help ensure they have what they need to get going and get growing.

1. Aspirin, yes that's right aspirin and no not in case the plant gets a head ache. Aspirin Enhances Plant Disease Resistance. Some gardeners believe that aspirin dissolved in water as a foliar spray will actually help plants fight off diseases and increase yields. Soaking the seeds in aspirin water before sewing them is another method that is used and adding some to the planting hole for absorption by the plant as it progresses is another.

Tomato Planting Hole Ingredients

2. Egg Shells are a common household waste product. They are high in calcium which is a key element of soil composition required by tomato plants. Studies have proven that sufficient calcium wards off blossom end rot. There are a number of ways you can amend eggshells into the soil, the easiest way is by adding some to the planting hole. Pulverizing them first is a good idea, and be sure to rinse off the egg residue as it can attract pests.

3. Baking soda not only serves as a safe and inexpensive fungicide, But there's actually an added benefit to using baking soda on your tomato plants, in most cases it will actually make tomatoes sweeter. Home grown tomatoes are already miles ahead of store bought ones so far as taste and quality is concerned but why stop there - better is always , well ... better. See: Baking Soda for Sweeter Tomatoes.

4. Epsom Salts is comprised of magnesium ,sulfur and oxygen and in gardening it is used to correct a magnesium or sulfur deficiency in soil. Adding up to 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt while transplanting tomato seedlings will help supply the plant with the magnesium it needs to get growing, stay strong and yield baby yield.

5. Coffee Grinds , Old coffee grinds really do enhance the flavor of many crops , cantaloupe, tomatoes, melons. As they break down, the grinds will release nitrogen into the soil. Other nutrients in Coffee Grinds are phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper. Do not get carried away, use only a modest amount, no more than a teaspoon or two per planting hole. The acidity of coffee grinds varies, in some cases it is too high even for acid loving tomato plants.

Fish heads as they decay they release nitrogen, potassium , calcium and phosphorous to the soil. Bury them at least a foot deep to avoid wildlife or even the neighborhood cat from catching wind of them and digging them up along with your plant. Kelp Meal, Bone meal, Blood meal, Seaweed meal or liquid seaweed are all good things to add to the planting hole IN MODERATION.