Tomato Pepper Salsa

Salsa translates to 'sauce'. It can be traced back to the pre-Colombian native Americans of the southwestern USA and Mexico. Traditionally salsa contains tomato, peppers, onion, garlic and assorted spices. Spicier and hotter versions contain a higher ratio of hot peppers such as Tabasco, jalapeno and chilies.


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  • Ingredients

    4 cups Chopped peeled fresh tomato 2 cups Chopped green pepper

    2 cups Chopped sweet red pepper

    1 cup Chopped onion

    1 To 3 cups jalapeno peppers, depending on how hot you want it; for every additional cup of Jalapenos reduce the sweet peppers added by an equal amount. Some sweet pepper are need in order to maintain a palatable flavor balance. Jalapenos should be seeded & chopped

    3/4 cup Cider vinegar

    2 Cloves garlic; minced

    1 tbspn Sugar

    1 tbspn Salt

    1 tspn Paprika

    1 tspn Dried oregano

    1/2 pt tomato paste

    1. Wash the tomatoes Thoroughly, especially if not removing the skins and even more so if using store bought tomatoes. Pesticides may have been sprayed on them and could still be present in trace amounts, as well as normal bacteria.

    2. Remove the stem end, and any bruises or imperfections.

    Bring initial ingredients to a boil; reduce heatand simmer until thickened, about 1 hour. Stir infinishing ingredient; simmer another 5 to 10minutes. Pour into hot jars; process 30 minutes in a Hot Water Bath.