Roma Heirloom Tomato

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Roma tomatoes aka paste tomatoes and plum tomatoes are popular among home gardeners. The history of modern cultivars goes back about 60 years.

Roma Heirloom Paste Tomato

They are bred for high solids and lower seed content, making them firmer. This firmness and low seed count lends itself to canning, sauces and tomato pastes more readily. They are oblong, sometimes pear shaped and are also known as Italian tomatoes or Italian paste tomatoes.

* They are sometimes considered determinate because they bear an initial flush of ripe fruit early, however in many varieties this is commonly followed by indeterminate fruit, which classifies them as an indeterminate.

The initial determinate fruits are generally of the higher quality and commercial growers will at times plow under any indeterminate yields. I prefer to use the indeterminate tomatoes for salads and to eat fresh and the determinate for cooking and preserving.

Start seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before planting outdoors.

* Indeterminate

Fruit Weight: 4- 5 oz

Days to Maturity: 70 - 75 days

Height: 4 - 5 feet

Spread: 24 - 36 inches

Full Sun

Average Yields