Freezing Tomatoes

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There are several methods of freezing Tomatoes. Some people believe you have to remove the skins before freezing . You can remove the skins if you'd like, but it's not really necessary. The easy way or lazy way, and everybody gets lazy sometimes, is to just freeze them whole. If you have the time and energy there is the by the book method.

Frozen Tomatoes, whole and diced

Easy way to Freeze Tomatoes

With whole frozen tomatoes that are not sliced or diced ,run them under warm water when ready for use and the peel slides right off.

If sliced, diced or crushed Yes, there will be tiny bits of tomato skins and seeds in whatever you're cooking, so what ?

Blanching does help to seal in the fresh flavor but is not a necessary step when freezing tomatoes. This is not the case with some other Fruits and Vegetables.

1. Wash the tomatoes Thoroughly, especially if not removing the skins and even more so if using store bought tomatoes. Pesticides may have been sprayed on them and could still be present in trace amounts, as well as normal bacteria.

2. Remove the stem end, and any bruises or imperfections.

3. Slice them or dice them if you prefer, but you can also just Put them in freezer bags and freeze them whole.

4. With whole tomatoes {Not sliced or Diced} Once Frozen solid run them under warm water When needed and the peel slides right off

Textbook Method of Freezing Tomatoes

Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for slightly under a minute or 60 seconds whichever comes first, and then immediately submerge them in ice cold water .

I prefer to leave the tomatoes whole and peel the skin, as in the picture to the left. The skin slides off relatively easily after this process. You also  cut them into quarters or halves first.

Label them and Place them into ziplock plastic bags designated for freezing.

For best results, you should use frozen tomatoes within twelve months, but frozen tomatoes will last indefinitely so long as they remain wrapped well and are not thawed and refrozen.

Methods of removing tomato skins prior to freezing.