Why Tomatoes Split

Preventing Split Tomatoes

Your garden is doing great, lots of lush tomatoes ripening on the vine. You water every day, fertilize, prune and wait in anticipation for those tasty tangy tomatoes to ripen when suddenly they start to crack and split - DAMN !

Split tomatoes is caused by over watering and / or heavy rain. When tomatoes get too much water the inside of the tomato will grow much faster than the outside skin can keep up with. The skin then splits.

cracked split tomatoes

Use more organic mulch and water deeply. Other problems associated with water issues include -

Lower immunity to pests and disease

Stunted growth

Lower quality tomatoes

Blossom End Rot.

Blossom End Rot is caused by irregular watering and fluctuating moisture, drought and over saturation will reduce calcium uptake into the plant. A lack of calcium leads to Blossom end rot. A lack of calcium and / or excess water can lead to edema.