TomTato Plants

Ketchup and Fries Plant

A fairly new Tomato-Potato Plant is available to Home gardeners. Potatoes and Tomatoes in one plant. The 'Ketchup n Fries' Plant, also known as the Tom-Tato was first developed in Britain way back in the 1800s and is regaining popularity.

It is a Tomato plant on top, red cherry tomatoes. Under the surface it grows Potato tubers. No - it's not a GMO and You can't grow these from seed , they are actually two plants grafted together. Potatoes and Tomatoes are close relatives botanically speaking and they graft well together.

Referred to as the Ketchup and Fries plant, or the Tomtato, it has a tomato scion grafted onto a potato root-stock. The result is a plant with two all-natural crops.

Grafted TomTato Plant