Turmeric Omelettes

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Omelettes are easily made, alas they are not all that healthy. The alternative, egg whites, are not all that tasty, in fact they are pretty much tasteless. Egg white omelettes need an added ooomph to jazz them up a tad.

Adding fresh turmeric to egg whites not only adds color and aesthetic appeal it also enhances the flavor of egg white omelettes and scrambled egg whites, as well as adding a hefty dose of wholesome healthiness.

Add some grated turmeric to the egg whites before cooking them. The following is a simple recipe for an egg white omelette, it is not 'written in stone' so feel free to experiment.


3 egg whites

2 teaspoon of fresh grated turmeric -or- 1 of turmeric powder

A pinch of sea salt

1 tbsp olive oil {Sunflower oil Canola oil can also be substituted}

Sweet Onion - finely sliced - amount to your individual taste

� cup grated squash or zucchini

1 tbsp oregano

Instructions shouldn't be necessary - everyone knows how to make a omelette right ?

I prefer to add the turmeric to the raw eggs before putting them on the heat to allow the full flavor to permeate my omelette.

The oil is used to grease the pan and not added to the egg whites themselves.

The oregano I prefer to add about halfway through the process, while the egg whites are still a tad soft to allow it to seep a tad further into the omelette rather than just sit on top looking pretty - parsley can also be used but doesn't add as much appeal or even as much flavor.

Many people know turmeric curcumin as a flavor-filled spice and ingredient in yellow mustard and curry powder. The spice has a centuries-old medicinal usage treating many common ailments and diseases. For instance, turmeric is touted as a strong antioxidant in treating cancer while its anti-inflammatory actions lessen suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

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