Unusual Varieties of Corn

Unique Varieties of Corn for Home Gardeners

 Unusual Varieties of Corn



Morado Purple Corn is an ancient Peruvian heirloom. It has deep purple ears with relatively large kernels. It has unusually high levels of antioxidants. Short corn stalks grow about 5' high. Germination rate reported as high as 85% under favorable conditions. About 90 days to maturity.

Purple Corn

Glass Gem Indian CornGlass Gem Indian Corn Seeds had its genesis in Oklahoma with a half cherokee farmer named Carl Barnes [1]. This corn produces diversely colored ears , sometimes the ear is dark sometimes all blues, or varying shades of pink - sometimes it's a rainbow collage. Each ear is unique.All corn is wind-pollinated, so it can easily cross-pollinate with other varieties planted nearby. Planting different varieties of corn in close proximity to one another also leads to tough, starchy kernels. [See: Isolating Sweet Corn]

Full Grown Glass Gem Indian Corn

Red Strawberry Sweetcorn Red Rue Corn is a miniature corn variety that produces 2 to 3 inch long strawberry-shaped ears . Not very good for corn on the cob but excellent for popcorn and for fall decorating. 4-foot stalks, bare 2 to 4 ears each. Grow it like any sweet corn, however, do not harvest right away - allow it to dry out on the stalk for about a month after maturity, then another month after harvested - to produce the best popping corn.

Red Strawberry Sweet Corn

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