Utah Giant Cherry

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Utah Giant Cherries

Utah Giant Cherries are large, crisp and firm, texture and firmness noted as retainable during storage and processing. As it retains its firmness and coloration in processing, it is suitable for preserves and canning. It is also a tasty treat god for eating out of hand. Dark red sweet flesh, flavor is outstanding. Utah Giant, like most sweet cherries is not self pollinating and requires a similar variety nearby to ensure pollination. Bing, Black Tartarian, Lambert or Van are all suitable pollinators.

Fares well in colder regions, where summers are moderately cool. Does not fare well under high humidity.

It blooms later than most varieties but still produces an early summer crop

Hardy in zone 5 - 9
Chill Hours 700 - 900 hours below 45°F
Mature Height 12-16 ft.
Soil Type Well drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Moderate
Growth Habit Columnar
BloomTime April
Bloom Color White
Fruiting Time 2-3 Years
Fruit Color: Dark red
Fruit ripens Late May / Early June
Fruit Size Very Large, a tad bigger than Bing
Fruit Taste Sweet
Fruit Yield is slightly above average under proper conditions

Resistant to Western disease, bacterial canker and nematodes.

Prone to Cracking

Pests: Japanese Beetles. Cherry Fruit Worm, Aphids, Spider mites, Western cherry fruit fly in some areas.