How to Freeze Peaches the Right Way

If you’re like me, you go through a lot of peaches during the summer. They’re one of my favorite fruits. But sometimes I end up with more than I can eat before they go bad. That’s when I freeze them! Freezing peaches is a great way to extend their shelf life. Not to mention, it’s really easy to do. Read on to find out how to do it correctly to maintain maximum freshness.

Asian Plum Sauce Recipe

Plum sauce is a sweet and sour condiment used as a dip in Chinese cuisine or as a glaze for meats such as roast duck. It is made from sweet plums melded with other fruits, in this case peaches, along with sugar, vinegar, salt, ginger and peppers. Ingredients 3 lbs. Plums, pitted and chopped2 lbs … Read more