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Do Marigolds Really Protect Edible Gardens ?


Marigolds attract bees, as do nearly all flowering plants. Organically grown marigolds, or ones you started yourself from seed are best. Marigolds have some alleopathic properties which are useful in repelling pests. All marigolds and French Mariggolds in particular produce and cumulatively leave deposits of a substance called alpha-terthienyl in the soil. Alpha-terthienyl will reduce root-knot nematode populations. Full Article

12 Edible Crab Apple Varieties

Crab apples and Apples are the same species, but different cultivars. An apple that's over 2 inches round is considered an apple, while anything smaller is a crab apple. They are both edible, although crab apples got a bad rep due to the bitter and pithy taste of ornamental varieties commonly grown.

edible crab apples

Most crab apples are also more acidic than standard apples and have elevated levels of pectin. This makes them excellent for preserves and even pickling. Full Article


Companion Planting for Pest Suppression

Plants that Repel Insects

Your Garden is a small part of a complex interactive mechanism. In an idealistic scheme of nature, all elements interact which one-another in a symbiotic fashion, the existence and actions of one member of the chain, such a the aphid that is sucking on your tomato plants, will ultimately and idealistically benefit the whole scheme of nature.

That 'scheme of nature' concept really doesn't go very far when it doesn't work to our advantage, after all we are on top of the food chain - not the bugs. We want that Tomato in our sauces and salads, not in the biomass of the local insect population. Full Article

Companion Planting and Sustainable Gardening

Garden Neighbors

Companion planting is the placement of various crops in close physical proximity to one another so as to symbiotically compliment each others progress. One traditional practice was interplanting corn and pole beans. The cornstalk would serve as a trellis for the beans. The beans fixed Nitrogen for the corn. The squash serves as a living mulch and completes the Three Sisters technique, pioneered by Native Americans.

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Hydroponic Basics - Getting Started in Hydroponics

Hydroponic Symbol

Hydroponics gardens are inexpensive, easily maintained, pesticide free, and relatively simple to set up. For these reasons hydroponics has become extremely popular. Hydroponics is used to grow healthy vibrant and lush indoor plants ,food and herbs. The basic requirements of most plants can be met without natural sunlight or soil using tried and true Hydroponics methods. Plants are supported in an inert medium and nutrition is provided by mineral elements that are water soluble. Full Article

Best New Fruits and Vegetables for 2019

Columbia Giant Blackberry

8 Top Hybrid Seeds. Full Article

Jalapeno Pepper Varieties

21 Jalapeno Varieties. Full Article