Dolgo Crabapple Trees – Plant and Crop Profile

Dolgo Crabapple was initially a 19th Century Russian Import, it serves well as an ornamental and edible fruit producing tree. It is fairly large as crabapple trees go reaching over 30 feet in height at times.

Good resistance to scab and fire-blight. It is frequently paired with other fruits in preserves and sauces. It has an upright growth habit, mature specimens peak at up to 30′ in height with a 20-30′ spread, it can be maintained at a smaller stature with due diligence.

Pink and white dolgo crabapple tree blossoms in spring.

It is among the first to blossom in spring with brilliant pink blooms that morph to attractive and relatively large white flowers. The delectable fire engine red fruit averages 1.5 inches round.

Its blooms appear early and last longer than most other related cultivars. As an early bloomer with staying power it overlaps many other varieties, it is considered a universal pollinator for other apple trees and can be considered a Johny on the spot when pollen is needed.

Dolgo crabapple tree full of red fruit.

Due to its juiciness, appealing flavor and high pectin content it is commonly used for Jelly, Jams and assorted preserves as well as for juicing and cider – but it also a welcome treat devoured fresh. For the more savvy preserver this variety is great for making your own pectin.

Hardy in zones 3 to 9 – marginal down to zone 2
Cold hardy down to -400 F

Mature Height Up to 30 ft. 
Mature Spread 20 – 30 ft.

Soil Type Well drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun

Growth Rate Rapid
BloomTime Mid to Late April  
Bloom Color Pink to White

Fruiting Time 2 – 3 years
Fruit Color: Red
Fruit ripens August / September lingers till early winter
Fruit Size 1 to 1.5 inch Average diameter – sometimes up to 2″ long
Fruit Taste Tart, sweet and crisp, No bitterness. Like a sweet cranberry
Fruit Yield is above average 
Disease Resistance fire blight, scab, cedar rust, and mildew

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