How to Grow Yubari King Melons

The Yubari melon, or Yubari king melon is variety of hybridized cantaloupe bred in the town of Yubari, Japan. It’s latin – scientific name is Cucumis melo L. var. reticulatus Naud. cv. ‘Yubari King.’

In the Japanese culture melons are commonly used for gifting on holidays and special occasions, which is one reason for their popularity in the land of the rising sun.

True Yubari melons come only from this small agricultural community where the melons are grown using age old techniques passed down from generations of Japanese farmers. They are grown in volcanic ash where the temperature and drainage is more readily controlled.

They are not quick growing melons – in fact they are rather slow growing, taking 95 – 105 days to mature – not ideal for northern gardeners.

In Japan they are grown in greenhouses, but they can be grown au naturelle in conventional gardens here in North America – don’t anticipate matching the quality of the Japanese version – but they do surpass the quality of many native cultivars both heirloom and hybrid.

Direct Seeding only after the last Frost date.

Spacing – Just under 2 Feet

You can also Start seeds indoors 2 – 3 weeks before planting outdoors. be sure to harden off adequately before transplanting outdoors.

Maturity at 95 – 105 days

Germination from seed 7 – 14 days.

Like all melons they are vining – a trellis is not recommended, they can sprawl on the ground. However, placing plastic or plastic mulch between the ground and melon is a good idea.

Full Sun

Fruit Weight 1.5 – 3.5 lb.


Hardiness zones 5 – 11

Soil ph 6 to 7.5

Generous watering in well drained soil. However – excessive watering too close to harvesting will reduce the sugar content and can cause the fruit to have hollow centers.

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