How to Plant and Grow Tiger Melons

Close up of a Tiger or Tigger melon.

Tiger Melon, aka Tigger Melon, an heirloom melon, similar to honey Dew in taste, also related to canary melons. Yellow and orange tiger stripes are believed to be its name source. The plants are reminiscent of other melons such as muskmelon or cantaloupe, but the fruit ripens later in the growing season than related varieties, … Read more

Tips for Saving Melon Seeds from Cantaloupe, Watermelon, & More

Cut cantaloupe melon slices sitting on wooden cutting board with seeds.

Watermelons, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, even most exotic melons such as Tiger Melons and Canary melon are extremely easy to save seeds from. They’re a great place for novices to get started. Use Seed From Open Pollinated Melons Seeds from Open Pollinated melons are the best bet for seed saving. Open Pollinated means that the seeds should … Read more

Banana Melon: How to Grow Banana Melons from Seeds

Sliced open banana melon showing edible flesh and seeds.

The banana melon has the appearance of a really big banana but it’s actually a muskmelon, a sister of cantaloupe, and cousin of cucumber. It not only looks like a banana but also has a hint of banana taste coupled with cantaloupe, as well as a hint of banana aroma. It has a salmon-colored flesh, … Read more

How to Grow Crenshaw Melons

Close up of sliced Crenshaw melon.

Crenshaw melons are related more closely to the cantaloupe family and have similar flesh coloration and flavor. They are however much sweeter than cantaloupe when permitted to fully mature. To be considered fully mature they should have been left on the vine long enough to acquire a yellow tinge and softer texture than many of … Read more

How to Grow Yubari King Melons

A human hand using a spoon to take a scoop out of a slice of a Yubari king melon.

The Yubari melon, or Yubari king melon is variety of hybridized cantaloupe bred in the town of Yubari, Japan. It’s latin – scientific name is Cucumis melo L. var. reticulatus Naud. cv. ‘Yubari King.’ In the Japanese culture melons are commonly used for gifting on holidays and special occasions, which is one reason for their … Read more

How to Grow Vert Grimpant Heirloom Melons

Vert Grimpant melon growing on the vine.

Description and History The Green Climbing Melon, more commonly known as Vert Grimpant is a French heirloom. A vining melon that is generally grown on a trellis. The melons themselves are relatively small as melons go, only weighing 1 – 2 lbs each. They are slightly oval and about the size of grapefruit. The flesh … Read more

Pests and Diseases of Cantaloupes and Muskmelons

Powdery mildew on a melon leaf.

Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis USDA Zones: 3-9 Full Sun Soil pH 5.5 -7.0 Soil Type: Sandy Insects Aphids Aphids are pale yellow to green and feed on the undersides of the youngest leaves and on tender shoots. They reproduce very rapidly and can literally cover stems and leaves in a relatively short time span. The … Read more

Winter Melon Planting Guide

Also known as Wax Gourd, and White Gourd, it is a rapidly growing, long-season, warm-climate vegetable. It is not a fruit and it’s taste, although it is related to melons, is more vegetable like – not as sweet as honeydew or cantaloupe, it is mildly sweet. It can be eaten raw, but is most commonly … Read more

Canary Melons How to Grow Canary Melons

Canary melons are yellow elongated melons, the flesh is reminiscent of honeydew in coloration and texture. The taste is sweet, also similar to honeydew but a tad more tart and tangy. There are various varieties but most are predominantly elongated and canary yellow. They are not overly difficult to grow but require persistent moisture and … Read more

25 Melon Varieties to Try out

Apollo Melon Sweet and succulent taste smooth creamy texture. The water content inside Apollo melon is abundant. Can’t say why this cultivar is not popular but it’s fairly easy to grow and worth trying. Autumn Sweet Melon A hard to locate melon. Sweet watery taste and texture. Round melon weighing around 2.5 to 4 lbs. … Read more