Using Oasis Grow Cubes and Root Cubes: Pros and Cons

Oasis Cubes for Plant Propagation

Oasis Cubes are manufactured from water-absorbent foam, Phenolic foam, also known as Floral Foam.

Also known as Oasis Root Cubes, they offer a good starting environment for seedlings and plant cuttings, not as a full growing medium.

Lightweight pre-formed cubes designed for plant propagation. They have a neutral pH and retain water well.

The foam is designed with what equates to small capillaries that not only allows for the transpirational pull of moisture but oxygenation as well.

They offer a good starting environment for seedlings and plant cuttings, and that’s where it ends.

Oasis Cubes have no buffering capacity, no cation exchange capacity, and no initial nutrient charge. Beyond seed staring and propagation they are of limited value. Attempts to use them in raft systems have not turned out well.

Oasis cubes are designed primarily for seed propagation in commercial hydroponic production systems and most commonly used for rapid germination of crops such as lettuce and Cole crops, onions and alliums, herbs, and sometimes tomato and eggplant seeding.

The floral industry commonly uses it for a number of flowers both annuals and perennials.

Disadvantages of Oasis Cubes:

  • Not eco-friendly , they are very similar to Styrofoam in this manner.
  • Although they are reusable, the initial cost is relatively high.

Advantages of Oasis Cubes: