Musquee du Maroc Squash: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Closeup of Musquee du Maroc Squash that looks like an orange pumpkin with green warts.

Musquee du Maroc is a rare variety of squash that looks like a pumpkin with green warts. Actually Pumpkin is in the Squash family – so it only makes sense. Musquee du Maroc ripens to assorted shades of green and brown. They are rounded and at times a tad elongated. Musquee du Maroc weighs in … Read more

Zucchini Planting and Growing Guide

Green zucchini growing in the garden.

Zucchini is a type of squash, more specifically it is a summer squash. Summer squash takes roughly half the time that winter squash does to mature, 55 – 80 days depending on the variety and growing conditions [See: Difference between Summer and Winter Squash]. Zucchini is very popular not only in the culinary realm, but … Read more