Pickled Crabapples

This recipe does not work well with common "ornamental" crab apple varieties. Edible Crab Apple Varieties bear fruit that are in the vicinity 2 inches round, ornamental varieties are generally the size of a cherry or even smaller and frequently quite bitter.

8 lbs. crab apples
6 cups vinegar
8 cups brown sugar
2 teaspoon cloves
1 stick of cinnamon.

Combine brown sugar clove and cinnamon in a non-reactive sauce pan. See: Reactive vs. non-reactive Cookware

Heat on medium for 10-15 minutes OR till the mixture has a Syrup texture. similar to pancakesyrup but slightly lumpy

Leave the stems on crab apples.

Add to syrup and boil until fruit is tender.

Remove the fruit and pack into jars. Pour in syrup. Seal.

crab apples on tree, bucket and Pickled in a jar