How to Plant and Grow Chives

Chives growing in a herb garden.

Chives are bulb plants, a perennial related to the Lilly, onions and garlic. They are also referred to as Garlic chives and Chinese chives. The Onion chive has tubular leaves and pink flowers and a taste similar to mild onions. Chinese or Garlic chives have a garlic-like flavor with flat leaves and white flowers. They … Read more

How to Grow Chives Indoors

Close up of green chives growing in a terracotta pot.

Fresh herbs year round, growing right in your own kitchen are the kitchen gardeners dream and it is not an overly difficult project. Chives are a common herb that can be grown indoors, but there are a few caveats and tips to be aware of. Common sense dictates that you start with a suitable container[s] … Read more

The Best Varieties of Chives to Plant in the Home Garden

A bed of chives in bloom with purple flowers.

The word “chive” comes from the French word “cive” which originated during the Roman era from the Latin word “cepa” meaning onion. There are several primary varieties of chives, the most common being ‘common’ or onion chives followed by garlic chives. 1. Common Chives aka Onion Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) Common chives taste similar to their … Read more

How to Use Chives as Companion Plants

Purple flowering chive plants in foreground and bean trellis in the background.

Chives are highly beneficial to other plants in your vegetable garden. Their aesthetically appealing flowers attract pollinating insects while the sulfur based oils that flow through the plant act as a repellant to many harmful insects. When planted near carrot and related root crops it has been proven to result in larger and longer carrot … Read more