Witches Finger Grapes

Unusual Fruits for Gardeners

witches finger grape seedsWitches Finger Grapes Seed and Plants

Witches Finger Grapes are a hybridized grape cultivar developed by the University Of Arkansas . They are not GMO , they were developed by hand pollinating- taking pollen from one plant and brushing it onto another plant.

Witches Finer Grapes on the vine

They are elongated table grapes tightly clustered together on their stems. They have a crisp skin and a rich sweet flavor. Some say they have a hint of a plum taste. As per The developer - the Grapery " The skin to flesh ratio is different which gives them a certain snap like no other grape available."

Witch Finger grapes were initially grown only for commercial distribution by a vineyard in Bakersfield, California via International Fruit Genetics. Seeds are not easy to find, but there are a few sources onlineWitches Finger Grape Sources.

Witch Fingers Grapes. The Story of a Unique Grape

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