The Best Currant Tomato Varieties

Currant tomatoes are the smallest of all tomato varieties , most are the size of berries. Many if not most of the currant tomato varieties are cross bred from wild cherry tomato plants and will produce a multitude of tiny pea size tomatoes.

Currant tomatoes are almost exclusively indeterminate and will produce throughout the season up till the first frost. They can reach 6 to 8 feet in height and will generally require staking or trellising to keep the plants off the ground and or from toppling over.

Current Tomato Varieties

There aren’t nearly as many currant tomato varieties as there are cherry, plum or beefsteak, but there is still a healthy array to select from.

Red Currant tomato is the worlds smallest tomato, dwarfed by cherry varieties – it is the size of a large blueberry or sweet pea.

Healthy plants set clusters of fruits, almost like grapes. The red currant tomatoes have an intense tangy – tart sweetness.

By some definitions it is an heirloom tomato, however in reality – it is a domesticated wild tomato which differs from domesticated tomatoes slightly in its genetic composition.

Hawaiian Red Currant – Red pea-sized tomato that produces fruit in grape like clusters until all are ripe. Unusually rich sweet taste. 75 – 80 days

Sweet Pea Currant Tomato – 1/4 inch round fire engine red fruit tastes as much like a currant as they do a Tomato. Good eaten fresh or in salads. Not very good for preserving – canning or freezing. Indeterminate sprawling plant that is suitable for container gardens – fares well in hanging baskets. Also known as Spoon Tomatoes

Yellow Currant Tomatoes have abundant small leafed foliage and produce grape like clusters of currant / marble sized tomatoes. Strong and tart but undeniably tomatoey taste. Good for salads and garnishes.

Lemon Drop These tiny Tomatoes chime in at 1/2 to 1/4 inch round and are are a vibrant translucent greenish- yellow. Refreshing sweet tartness, not bitter. This indeterminate will produce right up till the first frost. It is actually borderline currant-cherry tomato and is at times confused with other yellow cherry and miniature varieties such as Tumbling Tom and Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes.

Other Varieties of currant tomatoes Include Golden Rave, Jungle Salad, Cerise Orange, Red – Yellow Blend, Gold Rush.

Sugar Plum is classified as a currant tomato by some, but is actually a small cherry variety tomato. Matt’s Wild Cherry Matt’s Wild Cherry is labeled a Cherry Tomato but is actually a currant tomato