Mandurian Round Cucumber

Rounded Cucumber - Melon

Mandurian Round Cucumber

Mandurian Round cucumber is roundish to a tad oval. Its skin is marked with patches or spots of varying green and white shades and is slightly fuzzy, almost like peach fuzz.

When ready for consumption they are about the size of a tennis ball, although they will get much larger, the taste and quality degrades and the skin hardens. They are at their peak of perfection when they are approximately 2 - 2.5 inches in circumference.

When picked at their peak of perfection they are sweeter and crisper than standard cucumber varieties and can be eaten skin and all without peeling.

Mulch is advisable in cool climates for heat retention and in warm climates for moisture retention

Although classified as a cucumber they are actually more closely related to melons than other cucumber varieties - their botanical name is Cucumis melo, while standard varieties are Cucumis sativus. Their variegated skin also appears somewhat like a very small watermelon or a very large cucamelon.

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Start seeds indoors 3 - 4 weeks before planting outdoors.

65-80 days to maturity

USDA Hardiness Zones 4-12

Plant Spacing 16 to 24 Inches Apart.

Row Spacing 3 to 5 Feet.

Full Sun

Optimal Temperature post germination 70 - 85 F.

Bush style, short, squat, compact - does not produce vines. The bulk of the fruit grows near a central leader.

This plant is not drought tolerant and needs frequent watering.

Slightly Above Average Yields under proper conditions and care.

Mandurian Round Cucumbers can be planted directly from seed, or from transplanted seedlings. Place transplants or Seeds outside only after the danger of frost has passed in your region.

Pinching off the growth tip of the plants after they have developed 6 or 7 true leaves. This will encourage the production of side shoots and fruits.

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