How to Grow Richmond Green Apple Cucumbers

A group of harvested How to Grow Richmond Green Apple Cucumbers placed on the garden soil.

The Richmond Green Apple Cucumber, an Australian Heirloom, is a mini cuke. Smaller than a bread box bigger than a lemon – but only by a wee bit. The white flesh has a refreshing mild cucumber taste, slightly sweet and very juicy with a hint of citrus. The Plants are fairly compact and work well … Read more

Red Hmong Cucumber: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

A pile of red Hmong cucumbers with red, orange, or yellow skin.

Red Hmong is an Asian Heirloom cucumber that can be grown in all but the coldest regions of North America. Red Hmong or Hmong Red cucumbers originated in southeast Asia among the Hmong people of Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, and Laos. The cucumbers are initially a pale green and morph to a golden orange as they … Read more

How to Grow Cucumbers from Seeds

A picture of cucumbers growing with text that reads growing cucumbers from seeds to sprouts.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of successfully growing a vegetable from seed. Growing cucumbers from seeds to sprouts will allow you to make a variety of deliciously fresh summer dishes from salad to salsa. For a taste of your garden all year long, you can make pickles. But first, you have to understand how to get … Read more

How to Grow Hydroponic Cucumbers Indoors and Outdoors

When it comes to growing cucumbers hydroponically, it can be indoors or out. It’s important to note, that some cucumbers will lend themselves better to being grown in a hydroponic system. Let’s get started learning how to plant cucumbers in your hydroponic system and what the requirements are for growing them. Table of Contents Quick … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Mandurian Round Cucumbers

The mandurian round cucumber is roundish to a tad oval. Its skin is marked with patches or spots of varying green and white shades and is slightly fuzzy, almost like peach fuzz. When ready for consumption they are about the size of a tennis ball, although they will get much larger. The taste and quality … Read more

How to Identify and Control Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV)

Mosaic virus on the leaves of a potted cucumber plant.

Called cucumber mosaic because it was first discovered in cucumbers in the early 20th Century. CMV actually effects over 1200 plant species including cucumbers and related squash, melons and curcubits, tomatoes, Peppers and related plants and nearly all commonly grown vegetable and ornamental garden plants. In fact, it has the widest host range of any … Read more

Cucumber Planting Guide

Cucumbers, relatives of squash, melons, and pumpkins are a nutritious and tasty fruit [veggie-fruit], and are a good source of many essential minerals. They are also said to help aid digestion and constipation. Many people use cucumbers on their skin as a beauty aid, a cleansing cosmetic to soften and whiten. Cucumber juice is used … Read more

Calypso Pickling Cucumbers: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Freshly harvested Calypso pickling cucumbers laid out in a grassy area.

Calypso is a compact hybrid pickling cucumber. It was bred for commercial agricultural use, but has become very popular among home growers as well. It is a very productive plant that outproduces most other pickle varieties. It is also bred for disease resistance and has one of the best resistance and tolerance records of any … Read more

Cucumber Insect Problems

Aphids attacking a cucumber plant leaf.

Cucumber Garden Pests Leafhoppers Leaf-hoppers are small flying insects, about a centimeter across their wing span, They vary in color from varying shades of green to grays. Like Aphids they suck plant juices causing stress, lack of vigor, fruit drop and in bad infestations, death of the host plant. They are also known to be … Read more