Lingonberry Jam

Sweet Lingonberry Preserves

About Lingonberries

Lingonberry is not well known in North America, it is a Scandanavian delight. Lingonberry, sometimes called Mountain cranberry, cowberry or foxberry is related to cranberries and blueberries.Lingonberry however is indigenous to some of the coldest regions on Earth. It is a semi evergreen and retains its green luster all winter long.

It's no wonder that Northern Europeans cherish Lingonberry Jam the same way we Americans cherish Apple Pie.

Lingonberry preserves, in particular Lingonberry Jam is prepared with minimal ingredients. Traditionally Home Made Lingonberry Jams contain just the berries themselves, some sugar and water. Having become somewhat commercialized, store bought versions commonly have apples, other cheaper berries and added pectin

The Scandanavians have a traditional dish they call raw stirred lingonberries {rarorda lingon} [1] which is simply a blend of the lingonberry and sugar without any heat treatment such as boiling. The lingonberry contains high levels of benzoic acid, which allows them to keep well without spoiling and without the use of any sugar or other preservatives.

The berries can be eaten raw, but they can be very tart and at times bitter. The same can be said for "raw stirred lingonberries" that the swedes are so fond of. Ever eat a raw cranberry ? I prefer my preserves sweet, which is why recipe differs from that of the Scandanavians.

Recipe for Lingonberry Jam


3 cups Lingonberries

3 cups water

1 cup sugar

1/2 pkg Fruit Pectin


Wash and crush the berries.

Place the Lingonberries and water in a large pot.

Place sugar in a separate bowl.

                               Lingonberry Sweet Preserves

With the berries cooking in the slightly hot pot, add Fruit Jell Pectin. Bring mixture to a full rolling boil over high heat, stirring vigorously.

Skim off any foam from the surface before adding the sugar once the mix hits a rolling boil, stir continuously.

Continue to boil for 2 - 3 full minutes while stirring.

Remove from heat and fill hot, sterile jars leaving 1/4 inch HEAD-SPACE.

Traditional Lingonberry Jam

A more traditional lingonberry Jam can be made by placing the lingonberries in a large pot of water and bringing it to a boil for about 10 minutes. You simply skim off any surface foam and add only a minimal amount of sugar, roughly 1 part sugar to 3 parts berries and with no added pectin.

The results are at times very tart, which some people like. It also doesn't always jell properly without the pectin.