Boston Pickling Cucumbers: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Boston Pickling Cucumber is a time tested American Heirloom that dates back to the late 1800s. As early as 1883 Joseph Breck & Son, a popular seed company of in Boston wrote a review of this cultivar .

“Extensively grown by the market gardeners in the vicinity of Boston. It is very productive and of superior color and quality.”

250 years later it is still getting great reviews by American Gardeners, in fact I was unable to find a single negative review on any contemporary sites.

This only bore out my own experience with this cuke – it is excellent for pickling, but not limited to pickles as it works well as a fresh cucumber also.

Soil Temperature should be 70 – 90 F for best results

Color Medium to Light Green

Start seeds indoors 3 – 4 weeks before planting outdoors.

Maturity at 55 – 60 days from Seed Set.

Germination 4 – 12 days. Germination rate is only 65 – 75% so plant more than you expect to grow.

Soil Temperature should be 70 – 80F for best results

Color Dark to Medium Green, occasional green-yellow

Plant Spacing 8-12 Inches

Row Spacing 5-6 Ft.

USDA Hardiness Zones 5 – 11

Fruit Size 3-6 inches Long / 2-3 inches round. For Pickling it is best to harvest these cucumbers before they reach their full potential size. It leaves you with pickles the right size for your jars, as well as coaxes the plant to produce more.

Full Sun

Optimal Temperature post germination 70 – 80 F.

This plant is not drought tolerant and needs frequent watering. Average Yields

For Direct seeding daytime temps should be above 70 but not much higher than 85 F at least a week following the last frost. You may need to thin out some of the weaker plants as they begin to develop. Plant cucumber seeds 1/2 to 1 inch deep and thin the seedlings to one plant every 12 inches in the row or to three cucumber plants every 36 inches in the hill system.

Plant cucumber transplants 1 to 2 feet apart in rows 5 to 6 feet apart when they have two to four true leaves

For greenhouse or Hydroponic Cucumbers it is best to prune to one central leader on each trellis.

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