What are the Best Gooseberry Companion Plants?

Green gooseberries hanging from the bush.

Companion Planting is the placement of various crops in close physical proximity to one another so as to symbiotically compliment each others health, vigor, growth and the flavor of their produce. It also naturally involves separating plants whose development is antagonistic to each other. Gooseberry doesn’t have very many known friends in the plant realm, nor … Read more

Gooseberry Planters Guide

Ribes uva-crispa USDA Zones:3-11 Partial Shade Soil pH: 5.5-7.0 Gooseberries come from several plant species, primarily the European gooseberry and the American gooseberry .The American Gooseberry is native to northeastern United States from the Atlantic Coast in through the Ohio Valley and southern Canada. The European gooseberry is the original gooseberry, European settlers brought their … Read more

Gooseberry Varieties

Gooseberries were once much more common in North America than they currently are. Their popularity was diminished when back in the 1930s Gooseberries were banned as they were carriers of white pine blister rust which was decimating the logging industry. They should be kept away from susceptible trees which in addition to white pine also … Read more

How to Dry Gooseberries

Using a Food Dehydrator Gooseberries selected for drying should be fully ripe. Not over ripe and not under ripe. Remove any berries that have signs of damage or are malformed, you can use them fresh – but for drying you should have only the best unblemished ripe berries. The Dehydrating process for gooseberries is relatively … Read more