How to Identify and Control Cucumber Beetles

Macro image of striped cucumber beetle resting on a green leaf.

There are two primary types and six species of cucumber beetle in North America. Perhaps the most prolific and widespread is the striped cucumber beetle. Measuring about one fifth of an inch in length it is a yellowish green with a yellow thorax and black head it has three black stripes running lengthwise on its … Read more

Honey Lemon Cucumber Pickle Recipe

Dubbed ‘Honey Lemon Cucumber’ because the recipe uses Lemon Cucumber, not because it contains lemon, although it does contain honey. Lemon cucumbers are tender, crisper and sweeter than standard varieties. Although other cucumbers can be substituted, the end product will not be as outstanding. Ingredients: 5 lbs lemon cucumbers 3 cups apple cider vinegar 1 … Read more

Articles About Cucumbers

Growing and Caring for Cucumbers, Varieties of Cucumbers, Trouble Shooting Cucumbers Growing Cucumbers Planting Guide to Cucumbers Cucumbers can be planted directly from seed, or from transplanted seedlings. Place cucumber transplant or Seeds outside only after the danger of frost has passed in your region. In USDA zone 4 and further north , you’ll need … Read more

How to Harvest and Save Cucamelon Tubers

Gardener digging up cucamelon tubers with a potato fork.

Is there anything more exciting than harvesting your very own vegetables from your garden? Especially when you’ve managed to grow something unusual and unique, like cucamelons! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to lift and save cucamelon tubers so you can replant them next year. Let’s get started!

Do Sunflowers Make Cucumbers Sweeter?

Do sunflowers help cucumbers taste sweeter? Some gardeners say that planting sunflowers near cucumber plants makes their cucumbers taste sweeter. There isn’t any scientific proof that this works, but it’s worth a try if you’re looking for a way to make your cucumbers taste even better! Read on to find more info on this old tradition.