How to Grow Gac Fruit (Spring Bitter Cucumber)

Orange gac fruit split open to show the fleshly red interior. Two whole gac fruits in the background.

The gac cucumber or gac fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) Spreng.) comes from Southern China and Southeast Asia, it grows as far south as Australia naturally, but can be grown outside its native habitat. It is one of the healthiest fruits Mother Nature has ever produced. This is truly a super food containing massive amounts of … Read more

Common Cucumber Plant Diseases and What To Do About Them

Cucumber plants infelcted by white rot sclerotinosis.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Cucumber Mosaic causes mottled dark and light green, crinkled leaves. The disease is more noticeable on young leaves. Old leaves have V shaped dead areas extending from the leaf margins to the middle vein. The cucumbers are mottled, warty and misshapen. Cucumber Mosaic is favored by poor weed control, as many weeds … Read more

3 Causes for Cucumbers Turning White and How to Prevent It

Hand holding a large white cucumber that's attached to the vine.

If you planted standard green cucumbers and they turn white instead you have a problem. There are several reasons cucumbers will turn white, the worst case scenario involves powdery mildew – a fungal disease. 1. Powder Mildew Powdery mildew will start towards the upper surface of the fruit, where it is attached to the vine, … Read more

The Best Companion Plants for Cucumbers

Dill and cucumbers growing together in a small hoop house.

Companion Planting is the placement of various crops in close physical proximity to one another so as to symbiotically compliment each others health, vigor, growth and the flavor of their produce. It also naturally involves separating plants whose development is antagonistic to each other. Aromatic Herbs- -The strong aroma and flavor of these herbs may be helpful … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Cucamelons (Mexican Sour Gherkins)

Freshly picked Cucamelon in rustic bowl on wooden table.

Melothria scabra aka Mexican Mini Watermelon, Mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, Mexican sour cucumber, Cucamelon, Sandia de Raton How to Plant, Grow and Care for Cucamelons Basic Information USDA Zones: 3-11 Full Sun Soil pH: 6.0 to 6.5 Soil Temperature for Germination 65o F – Germination in 2 – 3 Weeks Temperature for Transplant [after hardening] … Read more

Parthenocarpic Seedless Cucumbers

Parthenocarpic seedless cucumbers growing in a greenhouse.

Parthenocarpic, translated from the Latin basically means seedless or the fruit set without seed. Parthenocarpic cucumbers will produce produce seedless cucumbers if grown isolated from other varieties. Once they have been pollinated by another cucumber, the resulting fruit is generally undesirable both in taste and form. They are best suited for greenhouse or indoor scenarios … Read more

Why do Some Cucumbers Fall Off the Vine?

Young cucumbers that detached from the vine being carried in a plastic cup.

The only way we want our cucumbers to come off the vine is when we harvest them. Cucumbers that are falling off the vine prematurely signal an issue. Generally cucumbers that drop have few seeds. When seeds fail to form within the seed pod aka the cucumber, nature has evolved to dictate that the plant … Read more

What are Gynoecious or All Female Cucumbers (and Other Vine Crops)?

Harvested cucumbers in a basket.

Vining crops such as cucumbers are naturally Monoecious , meaning they have both male and female flowers both of which are essential for reproduction. Gynoecious cucumbers do not occur naturally but are hybrids which produce predominantly female flowers. Gynoecious varieties generally outproduce standard varieties when a monoecious variety is present. A female flower will have a small, … Read more

Best Cucumber Varieties for the Home Gardener

Variety of cucumbers on a wooden table.

Cucumbers commonly come in pickling, slicing and burpless varieties. There are also some specialty classifications such as Armenian, English, Persian and Lemon cucumbers as well as some oddities that you wouldn’t routinely think of as being a cucumber. Pickling Cucumbers Any cucumber can be pickled, but those botanically classified as pickling Cucumbers are shorter and … Read more

Cucumber Hollow In Middle. Hollow Heart Cucumbers

Ocasionally cucumbers form with a hollow interior or ‘hollow heart’ where the seed cavity should be. Hollow cucumbers are generally a tad bitter and not near as crispy, crunchy and tasty as we would expect. Fruits can develop with a hollow heart for several reasons. Nutrient Deficiency Irregular Watering Poor Pollination All of the above … Read more