Sprouting Garlic for Spring Planting

Planting Garlic in the Spring

Garlic is best when planted in the fall, it leads to bigger and more flavorful bulbs when you harvest the following summer. However, if you didn't plant any this past fall and spring is upon us it can still be planted. In fact there is a simple shortcut to sprout your cloves for a spring planting.

Garlic Sprouts

Place the garlic cloves, or even a whole bulb in a small bowl, cup or clear open top bottle. Add enough water so the bottom of the cloves are submerged, the top should not be under water, just the clove base or chances are they will rot before they sprout. Some people will stick toothpicks into the cloves side to suspend it in the water, either way will work. Keep them in a sunny window.

The garlic cloves generally begin producing roots within a few days. You'll need to change the water every few days as it quickly clouds up. After the roots comes the green tops.

Garlic Sprouts Ready for Transplant

If you’re only sprouting garlic for the green sprouts, you can trim the sprouts for use when they reach about 3 inches. Otherwise you can either replant them outside in spring as soon as the soil is workable, or place them in a suitable container with soil awaiting transplant.