Hibiscus Tea. Brewing Hibiscus Tea

The Hibiscus plant is a flowering shrub that produces colorful flowers commonly used in landscaping. The flower is also used to brew a beneficial herbal tea that can be drank cold or hot. The tea has an unusual tart flavor similar to cranberry, with an element all its own. Hibiscus herbal tea is easily brewed … Read more

How to Make Apple Cider DIY

Outside the USA, cider refers to a fermented alcoholic beverage. In the USA we call that Hard Cider. The main difference between Apple Cider and Apple Juice is filtration. Apple juice has been excessively filtered to attain a clear liquid. Apple cider is a form of raw apple juice that has not been filtered to … Read more

Garlic Pickled Chili Peppers

The sizzling spice of Cayenne Chili peppers preserved as a pickle. Garlic and Cayene pepper in a simple brine to preserve hot peppers all year long. Pickled Cayenne Chili Recipe 1 lb Cayenne peppers 2 tablespoons pickling salt 1/4 teaspoon allspice 1/4 teaspoon celery seeds 1/2 teaspoon Mustard Seeds 3 cloves of garlic cut in … Read more

Preserve Blueberries

Freezing Blueberries Select full-flavored, ripe berries. Remove the leaves and stems as well as any unripe or imperfect berries. I prefer to Dry Pack blueberries , although some people wash them before freezing. Washing the blueberries results in a tougher skinned berry, you can wash them after freezing , when you are ready to use … Read more

How to Prepare and Preserve Horseradish After Harvest

Grated horseradish with whole roots and leaves.

Fresh horseradish has a powerful burning spicy taste that can clear your sinuses and redden your eyes. It’s similar to wasabi or Wasabi is similar to horseradish if you’ve ever tried it. The roots of horseradish are most commonly used, but the leaves are also useful and serve well is salads, pestos and assorted recipes. … Read more

How to Preserve Sweet Corn After Harvest

Corn being cut off the cob in preparation of freezing.

Fresh Sweet corn is always the best. Canned and frozen corn simply can not match the crisp sweet tastiness of corn straight off the cob. In a perfect world, everyday is Sunday and every season is summer, suitable for fresh corn on the cob. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect World. If you … Read more

Garlic Preserved in Wine

Peeled garlic cloves submerged in wine and stored in the refrigerator are an awesome mode of preserving garlic as well as making a super healthy drink. Garlic Wine boosts the immune system, purifies the blood, has strong anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates excess body salts, helps prevent heart disease by improving heart function, reduces cholesterol and fights … Read more

Goji Berry Recipes

Goji berries contain high levels of vitamin C and beta-carotene, almost 20 amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, 21 trace minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium and polysaccharides, a carbohydrate which promotes healthy blood sugar levels. They are a Super-Food which strengthens the immune system, has anti-aging properties, improves eyesight, nourishes body … Read more

Green Tomato Recipes – Preserving Unripe Tomatoes

Simply because some of our tomatoes are still green come harvest time doesn’t mean we can’t use them. We Can use them Green in a number of Recipes. Jams , Jellies and Preserves, Pickles, Salsa, Pies, soups and of course let us not forget Fried Green Tomatoes. One of my favorite recipes for Fried Green … Read more