Garlic Inter Planted with Fruit Trees

Garlic has strong anti fungal properties and is effective against many issues that plague fruit trees. Planted near the base of apple trees, garlic protects against apple scab. Planted near the base of peach trees it protects from leaf curls. Many of the same issues that affect Apples and Peaches also hamper pear and cherry trees so naturally garlic is … Read more

How to Identify and Control Fruit Worms

Ripe plum with a worm inside.

Worms that Feed on Fruits and Berries Worms are basically the Larvae, immature stage of any of a number of insects. Primarily various moth species. However some varieties of Beetles commonly produce worms fairly indistinguishable in general appearance and feeding habits from moth larvae. There are thousands of varieties of Worms that will feed on fruits and … Read more

Berries are Super Food

Top-down view of various summer berries in a bowl on a rustic wooden table.

Research has demonstrated that berries have the highest antioxidant concentrations of any fresh fruits. Spinach and Kale are the only vegetables that even come close and much of their value is lost in the sauce when cooked. A staple of primitive mans diet was berries, whatever they could forage found their ways into their intestinal … Read more

Drought Tolerant Berries

I wouldn’t suggest trying to raise strawberries or raspberries under extreme drought condition, perhaps as a potted plant but certainly not au naturalle in garden soil. There are a number of tasty berries that can thrive under drought conditions, and there are of course others to avoid. Goji Berries are drought tolerant once they are established. … Read more

Best Fruit Trees for a Small Garden

Regardles of your yard or gardens’ size, you DO have room for a fruit tree, or two, or three.  When your garden is so tiny that many of your plants are grown in pots cultivating your own fruit might seem ludicrous, but its not. Apples, peaches, cherries, plums, pears, and even some of the more … Read more

Fertilize Fruit Trees in February

Fertilize fruit trees in February, hardy fruit trees such as apple, pear, peach and plum. Cherry trees can wait till early spring. Bush and vine borne fruits such as raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and grapes should receive fertilizer in february. A general purpose fertilizer or one designated specifically for fruit trees is best in most cases, … Read more

Indoor Fruit Trees – Dwarf Fruit Trees

Candidates as Indoor Fruit Trees Over the last few decades, plants have been bred that can be successfully grown indoors, in containers, using up minimal space. Just about any fruit, berry and some veggies are now available as an indoor variety. They include: Bananas Bananas have a lush foliage that will lend a tropical atmosphere … Read more

Columnar Fruit Trees

What are Columnar Fruit Trees Columnar Fruit Trees grow upwards and not out. They do not produce the space consuming side branches that nearly all trees do, but grow in a climbing spire. This ‘columnar’ growth habit not only makes for pleasing eye candy, it saves space enabling those growers with limited land capacity to … Read more